Getting Lost in Neuromancer

I felt myself get completely lost in the pages of Neuromancer. I am not well with technology or terms related with technology and I found myself having to go back a lot to re-read passages. I agree with Ashley Parker on the point that Gibson does a good job of initially setting up the novel and giving us information on what his future world is like but as the novel progressed, I found myself asking more and more questions that the text didn’t seem to be able to answer (thus far at least). What also made things hard was every time I would find the answer to one of my questions, it would cause three new questions to appear in my mind. I have come to believe, being a rookie when it comes to science fiction, that having questions is a tenet of this genre.

What makes this novel so difficult to read and understand, in my opinion, is all the new technology Gibson is introducing. His descriptions of these strange gadgets are written in what is another language to me. I am in no way tech savvy so to me these technical terms are like trying to learn a foreign language. I found myself constantly wanting to see pictures of the things he was describing, like the bodily modifications Molly has or what Case see’s when he plugs himself into the matrix. I want to be able to see what Gibson see’s when he was formulating these things in his mind and if his interpretation is anywhere near what mine is when I try picturing this world in my mind. I think it would be interesting to see what other people imagine when they are reading this because I have a feeling this is a novel that causes a wide array of different images in different people’s minds.

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