Pag’s Bullies

Siri and I were friends purely because no one else wanted to be our friends. We were the outcasts, the two “wimps” other kids came and picked on. It wasn’t a fun existence, but it was better than being alone and picked on. Siri had changed since “the operation”. He claims his parents saved him, I think they killed a part of him. They removed part of his brain because of epilepsy, zombie freak come to mind?

Regardless of what I thought he had become, being an outcast ALONE crushed all thoughts of telling my “friend” just to shove off. Maybe that was a mistake…

It had been a while since I had seen Siri but that wasn’t going to stop me from going out and doing things on my own. That had been happening more and more since “the operation”. I had been trying to distance myself from the boy yet stay just close enough that I still had the necessary backup in school that I so desperately needed. But it was Saturday, my day off not only from the taunts and teases but from Siri as well. I decided to go to the park.

The day was pretty glum and so the park was empty save for a few pigeons looking to scavenge anything even remotely edible. I sat down on the swing and pushed off with my feet, slowly rocking back and forth. A couple boys walked by the park, I recognized them from school and knew they were bullies. I looked down hoping they would just pass by without a second glance. No such luck.

“Look at the little freak, all alone on the swing” said the biggest one.

“What a loser” said the guy next to him.

I realized it was probably time to get up and leave. I slowly moved from the swing-

“Ohhh, look he’s trying to get away”

“Get him!”

I was screwed. I ran but my legs didn’t move fast enough and before I knew it they were on top of me. I lay there for what seemed like hours when I saw a familiar face, it was Siri.

I hadn’t seen him in a while but I have to say I was pretty glad to see him. I’m not quite sure what I expected him to do, but what he actually did just reinforced the “zombie freak” image I already had in my mind about him.

The pummeling quickly ceased as I see two guys drop to the ground screaming in agony. Blood was everywhere, what the hell had Siri done?

I turned around just in time to see Siri throw a rock at a third guy and his face crunched with the impact of the rock. As quickly as they came, they were running off like screaming little girls.

I chose this scene because I thought Siri’s introduction in the novel was so strange. Right off the bat he is portrayed as a pretty violent child and it’s interesting how his character develops from there. I wanted to capture Pag’s voice as if this had happened years ago and he was re-telling it as either a teenager or young adult. I wanted to show that Pag had odd feelings regarding his “friend” Siri just like how Siri felt about him.

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